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Every one or every home must have at one time or another lost something so valuable to them. Imagine some few minutes after losing your valuable property someone else will find it. The paining part of it all is that in most cases the finders are always willing to get the item back to you but there is no avenue of doing that.

Impelled by the spirit of innovation, Lost and Found Documents, a private firm plays the role of linking the loser of an item with the finder of the same to reduce the high cost of recovering and reproducing these lost items in terms of time and financial resources both by the Government, companies and individuals. There is no accurate data on exact number of lost and/or found documents but it is estimated that thousands of thousands are lost daily.

We take into consideration the importance of effective and speedy recovery of the lost items and a full-proof verification procedures carried out to ensure that the found item is returned to the rightful owner.